Ply Palace

Why Louvers ?

An fantastic thing you may use to beautify the walls of your home or office is charcoal louvres. Basically, wood and plastic are combined to make charcoal louvres. A wonderful fusion of technology and nature. The main benefits of utilising charcoal louvres are that they are completely waterproof, termite-free, and borer-free. Additionally, they are an eco-friendly alternative to wooden louvres because they completely replace them.

Where it can be used ?

It is simple to use on ceilings as well as walls. It has a simple locking mechanism with no visible joints and is very simple to use. The Apace with Charcoal Louvers are Elegant & Durable, giving the location where they are installed a premium appearance. The printed finish on Charcoal Louvers is of the highest quality, and they offer a large selection of Shades & Models.

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